Seamless Integration

The St. Louis Region / Seamlessly Integrated Transportation Network

The region has created a truly integrated transportation network, intertwining access to roads, river, rail, air and pipeline, which provides superior access to local, national and international markets. The region’s multimodal logistics operations offer low congestion and are working together seamlessly to move product in the most efficient way possible.

St. Louis has numerous state-of-art intermodal facilities reducing cargo handling, improving security and reducing damages – in addition to expediting shipment times. Major intermodal facilities located within the region include:

The ease of access to the Mississippi allows products to move to and from road, rail and barge for global export or import.

Major highways, such as I-64, I-55, I-44 and I-70, along with the major I-170, I-370, I-255 and I-270 loops provide a solidly interconnected highway system in the region. Six Class 1 railroads converge in the St. Louis region. Connectivity between the Class 1 railroads is facilitated by the short line railroads serving the region, including the Terminal Railroad Association and the Alton & Southern Railroad.

The integration of all modes of transportation has also positioned St. Louis as a highly competitive airfreight destination giving companies a single distribution point both nationally and internationally.