Strategic Location

The St. Louis Region / Key to the Heartland

The St. Louis region is an ideal location for companies with U.S. distribution networks operating a one or 3+ distribution center network. It boasts the third largest rail hub in the nation, and sits at the heart of the U.S. Inland Waterway System.

The St. Louis region is:

  • Within one-day truck drive of 30% of US population
  • Approximately four hours or less to fly from nearly everywhere in the continental United States
  • A one-day truck drive from Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Cleveland, Minneapolis/St. Paul and New Orleans.

St. Louis is the most centrally located major metropolitan area for transportation and logistics operations, positioned near the geographic and population centers of the United States and within a day’s drive from one-third of the US population. The region’s optimal location provides quick and efficient transport to the rest of the country. In addition, the lack of congestion in the region makes for rapid turnaround of freight as it travels into and out of the region.

Truly, the St. Louis region is the key to the heartland.