The St. Louis Region / Waterborne Transportation

Served by major barge lines, the Port of Metropolitan St. Louis is the seventh largest port for domestic tonnage. It is the northern-most lock- and ice-free port on the Mississippi and offers substantial fleeting operations. 105M tons of cargo pass through the PMSL annually, with 35M tons crossing area docks.

America’s Central Port is located directly below the Southernmost lock on the Mississippi allowing unhindered access to the Gulf of Mexico. The port offers intermodal resources not found in many other U.S. markets. The River’s Edge Business Park offers 840 acres for distribution, warehousing and manufacturing.

The City of St. Louis’s port district comprises 19 miles of riverfront and over 6,000 acres of industrial, manufacturing, and intermodal commerce. Its Municipal River Terminal has a 2,000’ dock and multi-modal connectivity. The City’s riverfront has an annual throughput of over 15M tons.